Harvest of Green Tomatoes Ripen

Here is my final harvest of green tomatoes that were picked October 19, 2014. I picked all my green tomatoes and kept them after my garden was pulled before the frost hit. I had a whole bag of green tomatoes that I wrapped in newspaper and stored in a large brown paper bag in my basement. I have used this process in the past and you can read the original storing green tomatoes post which works excellent for storing and ripening all those green tomatoes you have at the end of your gardening season.

Ripened Green Tomatoes

You just keep checking the tomatoes and pull them out as they ripen from the storage brown bag. This is the last of my tomatoes and as you can see, just one is still yellow. Continue Reading →


Wild Mushrooms in the Yard

Here are a few photos of the wild mushrooms in and about my yard this Fall. These white unusual mushrooms are called Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms. They are just so unique and I even found a tasty-sounding soup recipe for using them to make some homemade soup. Here is the link to a simple soup recipe for using the wild mushrooms. Do take note of the alcohol warning if eating these mushrooms.

Here are some other mushrooms I found growing in and around my cabin in the woods. The next photo below, I believe is a Coprinopsis atramentaria, commonly known as the common ink cap or inky cap.
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Protecting Plants from Grasshoppers

I replanted my Elderberry bush in the back yard recently. I first wrote about growing this Elderberry bush from a small plant start back in April. Well the replanted Elderberry bush had been doing very well in its new location until the grasshoppers discovered it. Grasshoppers started eating the leaves and the bush was suffering terribly. So I set out to find a non-toxic, home recipe for protecting my plants and getting rid of the grasshoppers.

After doing some research I mixed up this grasshopper brew to repel and hopefully kill the grasshoppers around my back yard. So here is my pet friendly, homemade mix for getting rid of grasshoppers using supplies I had in my cupboard.

Materials Needed:

1 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon of grated Fels-Naptha laundry soap
1 gallon container (old juice jugs work well)
1 spray bottle

Dissolve the grated soap flakes in one cup of warm water. Continue Reading →


Reusable Glass Jars and Bottles

Recycling and reusing glass jars and bottles has always been a useful and frugal idea. Over at My Recycled, they recently shared a wonderful recycled craft idea for making a water bottle holder out of recycled plastic bags. But rather than using store bought plastic bottles, they shared how you can use Mason jars and other recycled glass bottles to hold water and carry them in the water bottle holder. Here is the link to the reusable water bottle and holder article which also includes a free pattern for this recycled water carrier.

You can reuse any glass jar or bottle to provide yourself a safe and frugal water container. You don’t have to worry about the plastic breaking down and drinking plastic if you use glass jars. Plus I can just refill the jar or bottle from my delicious home well water supply. Continue Reading →


Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

I needed to refill my windshield washer fluid recently and decided to make my own. After doing some research on-line, I came up with my own version of homemade windshield washer fluid. I just wanted to try out a small amount of my washer fluid so I made mine in a 2 cup glass measuring cup. I used this glass measuring cup as it was easy to mix the ingredients and provided an easy pour method into my washer reservoir in my vehicle.

I wanted to make sure I made my washer fluid freeze-resist and I used ingredients I had on hand. Here is my recipe for my homemade washer fluid.

1/3 Cup of Isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% or higher
1/2 Tsp. liquid dish washing soap
1/2 Tsp. Epsom Salt
Tap water

Put all your ingredients into the glass measuring cup except the water. Continue Reading →


Flip Flop Quick Repair

Here is a quick repair for your blown out flip flop. My niece recently shared this useful idea with me. I just had to post her photos and pass along her quick fix for a broken flip flop.

All you need is a plastic bread bag closure. Just recycle a plastic bread bag tab to repair your broken flip flop.

Place the plastic bread bag tab over the blown out hole and here is your repaired flip flop. Continue Reading →