Decluttering your Closet

I have been working on downsizing and decluttering my home. I started in the closets and found several helpful tips on doing this tough task. Experts say to get rid of stuff you don’t need, use or want. Donate the usable items to charity or give them to friends and family who can use them.

My hall closet was just jammed with years of stored stuff on the floor and on the overhead shelf. I first took out all the stuff on the floor which included a box full of hats and gloves. Some of the gloves and hats were from my children who are all adults now and haven’t worn the items for years. I got three big bags out. One for the garbage, one for charity, and one for my family. After going through all the items and placing them in the appropriate bags, I had just a few remaining things that I needed and wanted to keep.

Next I moved to the shelf and took all those things out of the closet. I went through all the rest of the items including the coats hung up on the rod. After I had everything sorted through, I cleaned the inside of the empty closet. It was dusty and the vinyl floor needed mopped.

I placed the boots and shoes on the cleaned floor in a nice row. I put all the gloves and hats that I was keeping inside a plastic container on the floor in the corner of the closet. The coats that were kept were re-hung. A remaining few things were placed on the overhead shelf and my closet decluttering was complete.

I stood back and just had to admire my work. The closet looks so good and organized now. Plus I have a nice big bag of things to donate to my local charity. So it’s really a win-win situation. My closet looks better than it has in years and others can benefit from my donated items. Now to move onto the next room…

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