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Crockpot Western Baked Beans

Slow cooked western baked beans in a crockpot are delicious. I have been working on improving my dried bean cooking skills. I want to be able to cook tasty beans from my stored bean supplies.

I love western style baked beans and set out to make my own. I read several different recipes and took a few ideas from several different sources to create my western baked beans. I made these beans from scratch and started out with 2 cups of dried white navy beans.

One important tip that was given to me was to not add the salt until after the beans have cooked 2 hours. This aids in the softening process of the beans and helps them not be hard.

Here are my final beans. They have a wonderful BBQ baked bean flavor and go great with hot dogs and burgers.

Western Baked Beans Crockpot Recipe:

2 cups white navy beans (soaked overnight) in crockpot
Drain and rinse.

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