Useful Trash Ideas

Here are a few ways to use trash in useful ways. I save all of my toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. I mainly used them for fire starters but there are many useful ideas for reusing these paper rolls. Here are two of my favorite.

Save the paper rolls and fill it with dryer lint. Use it as a fire starter in your woodstove or campfire. These stuffed paper rolls make amazing fire starters.

Next idea for reusing toilet paper rolls is this simple but handy idea below.

Tired of your cords getting tangled and falling down from your iron when not in use? Simply fold up the cord and slide it into a toilet paper roll. Now your iron and cord can be neatly stored until the next time you need to use it. This idea can also be used for storing fan cords, toaster cords, curling iron cords and much more.

These are just two of the many ways you can reuse toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. So easy and a great way to make something useful from trash.

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