Yarrow Tincture

This post is part 2 of my harvesting of wild yarrow. In this post I will show how I made yarrow tincture. In my original wild yarrow post, I showed the wild yarrow that I harvested around my wooded property. I shared that a herbal tincture could be made from the wild plant. Now I will go one step further and show you exactly how I made my yarrow tincture.

Once the yarrow flowers and stems were harvested, I rinsed them off gently and chopped them up on a cutting board. Next I added my wild yarrow flowers and stems to an alcohol solution. I used some 80 proof cheap vodka and covered my cut up flowers and stems. I placed it all in a small recycled glass jar as shown and put the lid on the jar. I shook the jar at least once daily and kept it in a dark cupboard for 6 weeks. Add more alcohol as needed to keep the mix covered well in the jar.

After 6 weeks I strained out the yarrow pieces from the liquid. I used a jelly canning straining sock but you can use cheesecloth also. Squeeze out any remaining liquid from the plant pieces by twisting the straining material to get out all the leftover juices from the pulp.

After straining, pour the liquid in dark dropper bottles to preserve the tincture and its herbal qualities. Use a drop or two in water as prescribed for everything from fevers, diarrhea, and other healing properties. Yarrow is a very valuable medicinal plant and you can find more useful ideas for using it here.

WARNING: Do not use while pregnant or if you have skin allergies. As always, these herbal remedies are for educational purposes only and I am not a medical professional. Consult a doctor before using or if you have a health concern.

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