Food Storage Tool

Here is a handy tool I came across at Emergency Essentials.  It is a free food storage analyzer to help you determine the amount of food you and your family need to have on hand. It will help you organize, analyze, customize, and easily plan for future food storage needs.

Simply check out Emergency Essentials blog for this tool and other great ideas on food storage and planning. I found the tool very easy to use with nice graphics that just requires you to click on images to use. You enter the number of people you are planning for, their ages and if male or female, then you submit the details to get the results for your specific needs. I especially like that you can track the foods you already have on hand and be shown what additional supplies are needed to meet your food storage requirements.

So whether you are planning for your family’s current food needs or prepping for future long-term food storage, I hope you find this site as helpful as I did.

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