Homemade Bee Traps

The bees have been really bad this year. I’ve been stung 4 times already. The stores are selling bee sprays and traps like crazy as people try to deal with all these bees. So I decided to make a homemade bee trap.

Materials needed:
Plastic jug – Recycled juice or milk jugs work fine
Piece of cord or heavy string to hang it up
Small amount of apple juice and vegetable oil

Cut a upside down V as shown on the jug. Push the cut plastic in just a little.

Fill the jug with a few inches of apple juice or other liquid for attracting the bees. Add a tablespoon or so of oil such as vegetable or olive oil.

Tie the cord around the handle and hang it up outside. After just a few minutes my first homemade bee trap already had a few bees inside. The bees go down into the juice and the oil gets on their wings and they drown. I added another jug which is shown in the first picture that I used a lettuce net to hang a piece of hot dog inside for added attractant.

Using a recycled plastic jug to make a homemade bee trap works fairly well. Both of my traps now have many dead bees inside.

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