Recycled Glass Jar Planter

I found using a recycled glass jar works great for my Aloe Vera starts. Here is one that I planted in a large jam jar. This has been growing in the jar for several months now and it’s just thriving. The glass jar acts as a terrarium and the Aloe plant seems to really like the glass jar planter.

Here is another one I started in a recycled pickle jar. This one has not taken off yet but I’m hopeful with time, it will thrive just like the other one.
Aloe Vera Start in Jar

A few important tips. Don’t overwater plants you place in glass jars. Because it has no drainage in the glass jar, you must be careful not to overwater the plant. I generally only water the plant lightly once a week. Be careful about root rot. Using some fine gravel or sand in the bottom of the jar will help but it’s important to remember to water sparely.

Bottom line — Recycling glass jars in planers can work well for growing plants if you are careful. Water sparely and add some drainage material in the bottom of the jar. Because you can see the roots and the amount of water you add, make sure you are only watering as needed.

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