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Saving & Drying Tomato Seeds

It is always a great idea to save and dry tomato seeds from your heirloom tomatoes. Here are a few seeds I saved earlier this Fall and am drying on a paper towel. These were some tasty and big beef steak tomatoes so I really wanted to save the seeds for next year’s garden.
Drying Tomato Seeds

After they dried out some on the paper towel, I gently moved the seeds around to continue the drying process. You want to make sure your seeds are completely dried out before storing them for future planting. Use a new paper towel if necessary to make sure the seeds dry and ready for storing.

Saving your tomato seeds is not only a way to save money on buying seeds but also is a useful idea for growing more great tasting tomatoes that you enjoyed during this year’s garden.


Homemade Tomato Sauce

I had a huge garden of tomato plants this last year. So I ended up with lots of tomatoes and wanted to make my own homemade tomato sauce with this abundance of tomatoes.

Tomatoes in Pot for Tomato Sauce

I first cut up the tomatoes and placed them in a large pot for cooking. I generally followed a vintage tomato sauce recipe where I cut up the tomatoes and let them stand a few minutes in a colander to drain off some of the excess juice. I added a bit of dehydrated green peppers and onions (one tablespoon each), and a sprinkle of cayenne powder for a bit of zing to my pot.

Tomato Sauce Start with Spices

Next, bring to boil and cook for about an hour on low. Remember to stir occasionally until you have a nice pulp. I then used my food mill to make a smooth tomato puree.

Tomatoes in Food Mill

I ended up with this lovely pot of tomato puree ready for the next step. Continue Reading →