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Unusual Mushroom

I found this unusual wild mushroom growing on the side of my home. It cropped out of the rocks and grew up against the siding. It is just so weird-looking and has stained black powder on the ground and wall of the outside of the house.

Black Ink Mushroom

Maybe it was just leftover from Halloween because this creature is sure strange and scary looking!


Wild Mushrooms in the Yard

Here are a few photos of the wild mushrooms in and about my yard this Fall. These white unusual mushrooms are called Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms. They are just so unique and I even found a tasty-sounding soup recipe for using them to make some homemade soup. Here is the link to a simple soup recipe for using the wild mushrooms. Do take note of the alcohol warning if eating these mushrooms.

Here are some other mushrooms I found growing in and around my cabin in the woods. The next photo below, I believe is a Coprinopsis atramentaria, commonly known as the common ink cap or inky cap.
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