Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls for Seedlings

Here is a useful idea for your seedling starts. You can recycle toilet paper and paper towel empty rolls for seedling pots. I just cut the toilet paper rolls in half to create little pots for my garden seedlings. If you recycle paper towel rolls just cut off about 2 inches for each pot.

Once I had my rolls cut into pots, I placed them on an old cookie sheet I use for my seedling starts. I did not close the bottom but left it open. Fill the pots with dirt and plant your seeds. Once the seeds sprout and the plants are ready for transplanting into your garden, simply place the cardboard pots into the dirt. With the bottoms open, the roots can just grow out from the bottom and the cardboard will decompose.

I just planted about 20 pots today and will post photos once the seedlings emerge from the dirt in the pots.

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