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Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day

It is Earth Day 2016. This is the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Let us all remember to honor our precious planet today and do something to preserve and protect it.

My Recycled Bags wrote about recycling, repurposing, or reusing something. Every little bit helps so on this day, take the time to pick up some litter, use a little less water, walk rather than drive to a nearby location or plant a tree.

Earth Day


Vintage Water Filter Idea

Here is another vintage idea from the old Ogden cigarette card collection. This card shows how to use a bucket with a hole drilled in the bottom for an emergency water filter.

According to the back of the card, this cigarette tip was Boy Scout Tip 47 issued by W.A. and A.C. Churchman, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co. The back reads: Continue Reading →


Match Lighting Tip

Lighting a match in the wind can be tricky.

Check out this vintage and useful idea for lighting a wooden match that provides extra burn time and protects the flame. I just love these old cigarette card tips. There are truly timeless.

Here is my wooden match that I cut. Continue Reading →


Aluminum Foil Box Tip

I just found out something that I never knew about Aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes. They have these end tabs that you are suppose to push in to hold the roll in place. By locking the tabs on the box ends, it holds the rolls in place and prevents them from falling out. Oh you know what I’m talking about if you have had the whole roll fall out of the box and you had to roll it back up. What a pain, right?

Well I can’t believe after my 50 some years of life that I’m just now finding out this great tip. Continue Reading →


Unusual Mushroom

I found this unusual wild mushroom growing on the side of my home. It cropped out of the rocks and grew up against the siding. It is just so weird-looking and has stained black powder on the ground and wall of the outside of the house.

Black Ink Mushroom

Maybe it was just leftover from Halloween because this creature is sure strange and scary looking!