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Homemade Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

I recently bought a used leather chair. It needed cleaned where there were a few stains on the leather. Nothing serious, just a few marks and a spill I needed to clean off the leather. But I didn’t have any leather cleaner in my cleaning supplies so I set out to find a homemade leather cleaner.

As you may know, I think vinegar is an amazing fix-all product. I checked and several home remedies for leather cleaning and stain removal call for using vinegar. Was I surprised, no not at all. In fact, I figured if I didn’t find this suggestion about using vinegar to clean the leather chair, I was going to try it anyway.

Homemade Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Materials Needed:
White vinegar
Clean soft rag or towel
Olive Oil

To clean a stain or spill off leather, dribble a bit of vinegar on a clean towel. Continue Reading →