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Food for Thought

I recently read a book that asked the question, what would you do if you couldn’t go to Walmart for groceries and other supplies? What if something happened that caused a situation where there was no way to get to a store or if you could, the shelves would be empty. Frightening thought isn’t it?

Now mind you while I find Walmart and other such super stores handy and to have good prices, but I’m not reliant on them for my daily needs. But the issue here is the availability of things you might need in a emergency not whether or not Walmart is open.

Okay here is the food for thought issue — Picture this scenario.

A big ice storm has just hit your area. Many large trees have fallen and power has been knocked out in your community. You dig out a battery operated radio and find some batteries to fire it up to listen in on a local broadcast about the conditions. According to news reports, thousands of people are without power, local roads are closed due to downed trees and very icy conditions. High winds and snow showers are continuing which is causing power crews hazardous conditions as they attempt to repair downed power lines. State Patrol and Department of Transportation is warning citizens to stay home and off roadways until the weather and highway conditions improved. Advisories are being issued that should people ignore warnings and attempt to travel that should they do so at their own risk. As emergency crews are so limited should people run into problems venturing out against warnings, calls for aid will not be answered until which time personnel and resources can respond in a safe manner. Power company officials are warning that it may take several days to restore power to its customer but conditions currently are hampering all efforts to make repairs to broke transmission lines and to remove the many trees that remain across lines…

So are you ready? Do you have some food in the house you can prepare without power to eat for the next couple of days until conditions improve? Remember you can’t go out to the store now to buy what you need. This is where prepping or making preparations in advance pays off. Do you have a woodstove or fireplace you can use for heat? Do you have extra batteries on hand to run your radio so you can keep informed?

It may only be a day or so but are you prepared to survive without a grocery store or other modern conveniences? So back to the topic of this post as this is all food for thought. Make sure you have some extra food stored up that you can prepared without power. Learn to cook on your woodstove or have other cooking options available that you can fall back on should you not have electricity. Have water stored up that you can use if your water source is not functioning. But most of all consider how to prepare and be ready should something of this nature happen because sooner or later it will happen and you want to be ready.