Warming Pizza in Cast Iron Skillet

We enjoy our leftover pizza warmed up. The problem is that most people microwave it to warm it up. Microwaving leftover pizza tends to leave it soggy and the crust limp.

If you read this blog occasionally, you will know that I love and use cast iron skillets and pots for cooking and baking quite often. I love my cast iron pans and find new uses for them all the time. So… I figured I would try putting a few pieces of leftover pizza in my big skillet to warm it up. In my first attempt, I scorched the bottom of the pizza crust. I found you want to keep the heat lower and allow extra minutes to warm the pizza slowly.

My 2nd attempt warming pizza in the cast iron pan turned out wonderfully. Not only does the crust stay nice and crisp but the topping heats up and everything turns out great. Tasted almost like freshly baked pizza. So here are the details for successfully warming pizza in a cast iron skillet.

Warming instructions:
Place your leftover pizza slices in a cast iron pan on low-medium setting on the stove top burner. Make sure the pan doesn’t get too hot. As the pan gets warmer, check your pizza crust to make sure it isn’t getting too hot and burning the bottom. The key is to slowly warm the pizza which allows the crust to stay crispy and the topping to heat up. Putting a piece of foil over the pan also helps keep the heat in and warm the toppings. I found about 10-15 minutes is about right for the thicker homemade pizza I make.

End result:
Great pizza that is warmed up perfectly!

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