Homemade Dog Cookie Treats

Here is a quick and healthy dog treat that you can make for your pet. I wanted to make some pet treats for the upcoming holidays and used a recipe that was shared in a local newsletter.

Here is my finished dog cookies in a jar complete with a bow.

Here is a copy of the recipe courtesy of AWCnet.org from their recent newsletter. Just click on the image below to supersize it.

I rolled my dough into little cookie rounds by hand and baked them about 35 minutes. Just make sure they are baked firm and let them cool on a rack. Check them to make sure they are baked throughout and are hard. Here is a photo just after I took my dog cookies out of the oven.

Final test after cooling was to let my dog try a cookie and she loved them. By rolling them into small cookies, I was able to get enough cookies to fill two recycled jars. One for my dog and another as a doggie gift to a friend.

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