Self-Watering Tomato Plant Containers

Here are my tomato plants that I am growing in my self-watering containers. I made these containers a few years ago and just reuse them each year. I did have to replace the tin water cans in the bottom of the buckets this year but other than that these can be used year after year.

Self-watering plant containers work well as the water is sucked up through the wicking can directly to the roots of your plants. Additionally you don’t have to water your plants every day as you have a reservoir of water inside the outside bucket for your plants to draw from.

All you need to make a self-watering plant container such as mine are two recycled plastic buckets, a tin can, and a piece of plastic tube or pipe. I used Urban Organic Gardener’s post and video to help me assemble my self-watering containers.

Here is a photo of a new can with the holes drilled in it to absorb the water from the bucket.

Fill the can with good soil and pack it well so it creates a wicking source for the water into the inside bucket.

I got my white buckets from the local grocery store bakery for only $1 each. They are food grade buckets and safe for use in gardening. Make sure you only use food grade buckets for self-watering planters.

My tomato plants love my self-watering gardening containers and are just thriving. So should you have limited gardening room or just want to try your hand at container gardening, check out this useful idea of self-watering containers.

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